Experienced rider, I have always been passionate by horses since I am very little. However, my professional career has started far from the stables. Born on the French Atlantic Coast in a family of entrepreneurs, I studied business, started a career in book publishing and promoted stories around the world for 7 years. 


After my continuing education at Oxford University in psychology in 2015, I decided that supporting people's stories was my next true mission. Since, I have completed several trainings in personal development until my diploma as a coach with horses (expert level) with the International School of Coaching w/ Horses Equilibri

My key interest is to support people to access the messages of their unconscious to implement actions. For me, finding an alignment  between the unconscious & the conscious minds is the way to go for a fulfilling inner journey. In my sessions w/ horses, I guide my clients to understand themselves, to find answers to their questions & to decide on their next concrete move. 


Today, I dedicate myself at sharing this revealing connexion between horses & humans, through my coaching sessions, from the Poni Club de Catalunya in Spain & from Les Ecuries du Petit bois, in my home town, Nantes, France.


This is not the end of the story since I am about to publish a book that I wrote in collaboration w/ the expert in natural horsemanship, Apolline Loubradou


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Training & influences 

Psychology - Positive Psychology - NLP - Art Therapy

Mindfulness -Non-violent Communication - Natural Horsemanship - Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Other qualifications

Business - literature - publishing


French - English -Spanish


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