Is your favourite movie "The Horse's Whisperer"?

Do you want to experience an intimate relationship with a horse?

Are you interested in discovering a different way to connect with horses?


You will discover:

* how to establish a collaborative relationship w/ a horse through natural horsemanship and animal communication

* how to feel secured and confident around a horse through mindfulness techniques and ethology basics

* how to initiate a dance with your hairy partner through non-verbal communication 


By the end, you will have connected with nature, you will never see horses the same way and you will be able to apply your self-discoveries in your life for more harmony & trust in your relationships :-)


"Back home in California, a friend and I had talked about visiting a ranch where you learn about horses to help develop your self-awareness, communication skills, and so forth. But somehow we never did it. So, when I read about Antonia’s Horse Whispering session, I felt very ready and eager to sign up. Plus, I’ve always loved horses but hadn’t spent much time around them. Antonia is very friendly, relaxed, and supportive. I think what she offers is something rather special. Horses are exquisitely fine-tuned beings who read how you present yourself and instantly mirror it back to you. So, you find out right away what you need to work on. And Antonia does an excellent job setting up exercises to build our skills and confidence, tailored to the needs of the person she is working with. Another thing is, who knew such a lovely, countryside stables existed just twenty minutes by train outside the city? That in itself is also a nice change from intensive urban sightseeing in Barcelona. The whole experience is such a treasure. With Antonia’s coaching, what might have seemed like insurmountable patterns of disconnect, or lack of self awareness, simply melt away. It’s just plain fun learning to get a horse to walk, trot, and canter to your voice command (and body language). Note: Best if you have shoes that you don’t mind getting mucked up, though I did well in running shoes, avoiding especially messy spots." Ann

"Antonia is so sweet and has such a calm voice that when you meet her, you immediately notice leading a horse is definitely not about domination. It's about something else. Maybe it's about respect the other person's (in this case, animal's) feelings. I'm totally in love with Ibiza, the horse. She is very calm, despite I am not. Haha. Ibiza and Antonia made me realize things about myself that I have no idea about. If you wanna try how sensitive and free spirit a horse is, just go and FEEL IT. Thanks, Antonia and Ibiza." Lorena

"When I came across Antonia's horse whispering experience, I imagined myself interacting with horses and learning how to control them. Antonia was a great teacher. Not only was she professional about it, she was very passionate and friendly - she taught me how to approach a horse, how to connect with it (practice projecting a dominant and calm body language) and then how to give commands (calling it, directing it, getting it to trott, gallop or stop). As a beginner with no prior experience, it was tons of fun. It kept getting better as the day progressed - we ended off the session with getting my horse to do sort of a dance in circles. It is an unexplainable feeling to see your horse gallop at your command. A unique experience worth every penny. She's got a nice surprise for you at the end as well. I loved it and highly recommend this experience to anyone. Thank you Antonia! All the best to you and hopefully I'll be back one day to learn more." Neel

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