Do you feel that you are carrying underlying bonds and forces  unconsciously?

Do you think your personal challenges come from your family's history?

Do you feel you are facing challenges like anxiety, depression, trauma, illness or addictions that are repetitive in your family tree?

Constellations with horses are powerful experiences:

* to reveal hidden dynamics in the "familial" herd,

* to release limiting familial bonds,

* to dissolve negative patterns in relation with family relationships,

* and to bring  a renewed sense of well being.

A constellation work with horses consists of a role play where the participant will decide on an issue to work on, where the participant will interact with a herd of horses. Each horse will symbolize a character or a concept in relation with the issue. Observing the behaviors of the horses will allow to access to some information. Through the session, you will be guided to find balance, answers and solutions within the system.

We work on a wide range of subjects


* Destructive family dynamics,

* Negative or harmful relationship patterns,

* Family entanglements,

* Addictions & bad health habits,

* Significant experience of trauma or loss

Sessions are designed for anyone who is looking for a deep personal development journey. It does not require previous experience w/ horses.  

A constellation work with horses includes:

* A constellation with a herd of horses

* Solution-orientated guidance

* Feed-back and suggestions to move on

For significant results in long term, a minimum of 4 individual sessions is recommended.


While the constellation is taking place the horses are tuned into the field aware of the shifting energy. For example when a truth is revealed, the energy field becomes congruent, making it a safe place for the horse to occupy. At this precise moment a horse will come and make gentle contact with the client.

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