Do you want to access new perspectives in relation with a problem? 

Would you like to learn how to set your own terms in a specific situation? 

Will you be interested to understand the underlying dynamics of a situation? 

If so, you ready to open your mind with horses! 

Sessions for individuals are revealing and unique experiences:

* to balance emotions and to improve relationships,

* to open your mind and to find new perspectives,

* to develop self-awareness, 

* to get leadership skills,

* and to impulse significant & deep changes. 

A coaching session w/ horses is a work at 3 different levels: mental, physical and emotional. One session is considered as the equivalent of 4 "normal" coaching sessions. 

We work on a wide range of subjects


* Emotional blocks

* Toxic relationships

* Career change

* Stress management

* Grief

* Separation and divorce

* Difficulties to communicate

* Low self-esteem

* Addictions & bad health habits

Sessions are designed for anyone who is looking for a deep personal development journey. It does not require previous experience w/ horses.  

An individual session includes:

* A unique experience in connexion with a horse

* Guidance and support through my presence with you in the arena

* Key learning points after debriefing of your experience and analysing it

For significant results in long term, a minimum of 4 individual sessions is recommended.


Because of their sensitive nature as prey animals, horses ignore the outward form and respond to our inner substance. They will act as mirror, reflecting back to ourselves. Through this ability to uncover our essence, they are very effective in helping us to understand and overcome fear and agression, bringing harmony and alignement between the unconscious and conscious mind and developing awareness.  

"Through my sessions, I managed to see clearly my path in front of me and the strenghts I can rely on and by the end, I reached a positive feeling and motivation.I loved the fact I had an answer to my initial question and a few extra points to work on. What a surprise to realise the journey I had made! Antonia gave me the freedom and the time to listen to my thoughts and fell my emotion.  A horse reads and sees through everything we are feeling and it helps me to get deeply in contact with my emotions."

"I loved experience of being able to meet with the nature and find out answers for some questions about myself. I never had a personal development experience before, but I could say that the session help me to clarify myself about my feelings in order to become more relaxed and spontaneous. The horse was important by making possible the connection between feelings and attitudes, that made me realize what I could make to achieve what I wanted. Antonia was great guiding the session and helping me realize where I needed help with and what I could make to get it. After the session of coaching with horses, I could realize a key point for a potential self improvement that made me feel more light and confident."

"Through my session of coaching w/ horses, I have been able to be more aware of my problematic. I will remember the connexion that is created w/ the horse, w/ nature and everything, that helped me to connect w/ my deepest essence. I have also enjoyed Antonia’s professional guidance. Compared to my previous experiences in personal development, I have loved being able to focus on the present and to find solutions to problems through a direct action towards the horse. I left with more awareness of the present momento and without some negative patterns from my past."


Seeing a clear path in front of and the strenghts to rely on


Being able

to find out answers


Leaving  the session

with solutions 

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