FOR GROUPS - For families, couples and small groups

Do you want to share a unique experience with your family? with your friends? with your partner?

Are you interested in understanding how horses can help us?

Would you like to become a horse's whisperer for one day?  

It's a possible mission! Sessions for groups are wonderful opportunities: 

* to develop communication skills,

* to uncover the dynamics that impact negatively the members of the group,

* to build team spirit,

* to improve self-awareness, 

* and to reach your full potential within a group.


>> Free the Wild Woman Inside You <<

A unique opportunity to understand how to combine feminity & self-leadership

>> Dance w/ Horse <<

Activities to work on your ability to change a situation, to manage your energy and to flow 

>> Galop to your Self-Confidence <<

A series of dynamics to increase your self-confidence and to identify how to support it

"Taking part in Antonia's group coaching helped me see a few issues very clearly through simple situations. The group interaction was very friendly and it was also a richer experience since you could learn from the other attendants as well. 
Finally, the landscape is great and working with two animals: the horse and her lovely dog make it for a very grounding experience. Could only recommend it."

"Antonia’s “Dance With Horse” course is a fascinating, fun and creative way to approach personal development coaching. Antonia is very friendly and runs a unique and valuable workshop working both individually and as a small group with Ibiza (the horse). Through interactions between the participants and Ibiza, we raised and discussed some complex professional and personal issues in a comfortable way. I was very impressed by how fun it was working with Ibiza, and how capable Antonia is to identify and facilitate profound conversations which are directly applicable to your normal life. A beautiful, informative and thought-provoking afternoon – learning more about yourself surrounded by incredible countryside and animals. Would really recommend"

" Thank you Antonia for guiding me to discover the emotional wisdom of horses. Your presence is very soothing and attentive. Your bright smile and your relevant questions have helped me to feel secured and to enjoy the spontaneity of the moment. Thank you again for your courage, for having chosen to work with horses, for your generosity to share your connexion with horses and for your energy."




A rich experience where

you could learn from all the attendants


An opportunity to discuss

complex issues 

in a comfortable way


The discovery of

the emotional wisdom

of horses

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