Do you want to help your children to feel more confident?

Are you interested in having less conflicts with your kids?

Would you like to find an alternative to sessions with a psychologist? 

Horses have the answer! Sessions for children are playful and fun experiences: 

* to boost focus & attention,

* to develop self-confidence,

* to improve social skills,

* to encourage responsibility,

* and to stimulate autonomy. 

We work on a wide range of subjects:

* Low self-esteem and shyness

* Lack of empathy and compassion

* Emotional distress

* Deconcentration

* Aggressivity

* Family and relationship problems

* Behavioral issues

All our activities are on the ground. Participants don't ride. 


A session for children includes:

Fun through playful dynamics with the animal

* Support and guidance

* Life lessons after debriefing 

For significant results in long term, a minimum of 4 individual sessions is recommended.


  • Surrounded by nature, being around horses is a healthy recreational outlet.

  • Horses help build emotional bonds and attachments.

  • As big and strong animals, horses teach respect. 

  • By getting closer when they feel they can trust us, horses teach trust. 

  • Horses teach patience, hard work & commitment.

  • Being around a horse takes focus. 

  • Care for an animal that is so much bigger than them empower them and give them a confidence boost. 

"Antonia is a the perfect combination of gentleness and intelligence. I have seen it from our very first meeting and through the sessions with my kids, she has confirmed my first impression.  She does a great work with them. I am myself, psychologist and I wanted my twins of 6 years old to identify their emotions. Every week, they look forward to meet Antonia and her adorable dog Frida. The contact with the horse is precious and they get lots of benefits in terms of self-confidence. I can only recommend Antonia, full of positive energy." 

"What a great experience with Antonia ! We, with 3 friends, spent 2 mornings with her and the pony Ibiza at the Pony club de Catalunya. We studied two subjects : self trust and emotional agility. Those sessions were very interesting and  we love spending time with Antonia, her dog Frida and Ibiza. My passion for horses just grown up even more! They can now help me to understand my feelings and my own self. Thank you so much Antonia for the time you gave to us."

"My session of coaching w/ horses has been a release for me. With calm, I have become aware of my behaviour and I have felt able to change it. I loved the connexion and the trust that have been built during the session.


Mother of  twins of 6 years old

Lots of benefits in terms

of self-confidence


17 years old 

Understanding of feelings & identity


15 years old

An emotional release

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