Do you want to create a better workplace?

Are you interested in developing your business?

Would you like to unleash the full potential of your employees?


As members of herds, horses know a lot about team work and group dynamics. They belong to one of the oldest species on earth (3.5 million years old) and know how to survive and to grow as a group. 

A session of coaching with horses is a unique opportunity: 

* to clarify goals & objectives,

* to develop leadership & communication skills,

​to uncover behaviours that negatively impact your professional environment,

* to discover new ways to solve conflicts,

* to gain energy, 

* and to facilitate implementation of changes in the company.

We work on a wide range of subjects including : 

* Poor ommunication

* Emotional distress

* Lack of team spirit

* Micromanagement

* Poor leadership skills

* Lack of motivation

All our activities are on the ground. Participants don't ride. 

A session of coaching with horses includes:

* An interaction & an immediate feedback of a non-judgemental animal

* Some solid guidance of a skilled coach

* An intense debrief and an action plan to move forward

For significant results in long term, a minimum of 4 individual sessions is recommended.


95% of people who had a coaching session w/ horses say that the effects and the impact of it have been positive and significant in long term.

89,4% of people who have experienced a coaching session w/ horses find this approach more impactful, more realistic and quicker than other personal & professional development methods.

Statistics from the suvery initiated by the International School of Coaching w/ Horses Equilibri