by Antonia Eraud & Apolline Loubradou

Illustrations by Antonia Eraud

Published by Mazeto Square - Paris

Language: French (for now?!)

Publication date: 22/10/2018

Estimated price: 24 euros

What makes us run to the stables? 80% of the riders in a horse-riding school are women and horse-riding is the most popular women's sport in France.


If horses give us a wonderful feeling of freedom and connexion with nature, that's not all. Being in contact with horses, it’s entering a space of sensitivity, energy and sincerity.



Through their interactions with the horse, women that are in general more connected to their emotions are able to meet to meet an emotional being that looks and feels like them. Opening the contact with the horse to a new dimension, Apolline Loubradou, advanced rider, natural horsemanship expert and founder of the “equi-connexion” and Antonia Eraud, horse lover, therapist and coach with horses have combined the best of their knowledge to highlight, to develop and to manage emotions & body sensations in contact with the horse. This new and multi-referential approach will help every rider to develop a strong & intimate relationship with horses and to experience every contact with them as a source of well-being.


From Barcelona where she lives and Nantes where she is from, Antonia Eraud, 33 years old, coach and therapist is dedicating herself to support individuals, children and companies through her sessions to open their mind with horses. coach et thérapeute avec chevaux se consacre à accompagner particuliers, enfants et entreprises à construire leur bien-être.  

Apolline Loubradou, 16 years old, advanced rider and founder of the equi-connexion method is taking a sabbatical to travel with her horse Ithaque and to keep learning from experts in the horse field. She is dedicating herself to her writing, to the preparation of an equestrian show and to the support of riders from France to Spain.  


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