Unicorn Parties

Learning how

to draw

horses by

an equine artist

Recreational & empowering


  • Horses

Learning & interacting with the world of those fantastic animals – the herd, how to approach horses, how to communicate with them...

  • Emotional intelligence

Development of skills through dynamics & games with horses: empathy, respect, focus, calm…

  • Creativity & Art

Stimulation of the imagination through arty activities to draw unicorns & to write horse tales

  • Nature & mindfulness

Immersion in a healthy & natural environment at the Poni Club where more than 130 horses live in the middle of the mountains​. 

​Activities w/ horses & ponies consist of ground work & activities. Participants are not riding horses except if you choose the "horse riding" option at the end of the day.

My intention

Discover an enchanted world where children are expressing themselves in contact with nature & horses as well as developing skills through meaningful experiences including: 

As a coach with horses, I offer sessions of emotional education with horses for children & teenagers. I am aslo an artist and through my artwork, I love representing horses. This summer, I invite all the little ones that are willing to explore & to imagine the magical world of horses! 


9h – 10h30 Play dates with horses & ponies

10h30 – 11h Break

11h30 -12h30 Mindfulness activities (walks, meditation, ...)

12h30 – 14h Creative activities

14h – 15h Lunch

15h-16h30 Play dates with horses & ponies


Poni Club de Catalunya

Passeig de la Muntanya s/n (Can Vilà) 

08960 Sant Just Desvern

> 15min from Barcelona

For who?

Children from 8 years old to 16 years old

How much?

9h / 13h > 55 euros

9h / 17h > 75 euros

To book your place, contact me here: